Our Terrible Life

Photo Courtsey by Mike Wilson on “Unsplash”

It is all

one big lie

because we live in a

terrible life

full of disgusting cities

that hold wars on every corner

and grenades in the shape

of our hearts

being thrown to create craters

in ourselves

for the sake of others

that do not love

as deeply as the wounds

we carry from

mediocre bullets

that we hold to be truths

as we pull the trigger

to kill

for the fear of change

and a future for

our children

The drums of our mistake is evident

and loud in our ears

that we are not subject to revolution

but to amateur acts of love

we think to be a concrete fact


our humanity


our humanity

has died long ago

and now we hold

onto weak attempts

to create more

but we are always

in search

of something anyway

But what is it?

Who the hell can ever know?

Our terrible lives

hold so much


than we could ever


so stop the wars

and pause the drums

to listen to the sweet melody of

our humanity

that lays deep in

the earth

and take a chance

on the revolution

of love

and closing the craters

in our hearts

to accept the more

we seek in the depths

of each other

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