Unworthy Wildfires

Photo Courtsey: Joshua Earle on “Unspalsh”

maybe it was the way he looked at her

or maybe it was the way he didn’t

but she wanted to spill every wildfire she was to him

he deemed her unworthy

when she had been a hearth in hiding

but the blind fool had averted his eyes

looked at her skin

and saw only a place for himself

not knowing that her skin was soft paper

that when ignited

was fire cloaked in tenderness

where she burned softly and raged tenderly

he flipped open her heart

like it was a book

kissed his way through her chapters

tore a page he liked

and flung her away

she choked down all the ash

along with the question that burned

if she deserved to be loved anymore

and she found the answer deep within the dying fire