Which Me Is Me?

A poem about hiding your true self.

I am two separate entities
of one being.
I am the me I let you see
and I am the me 
that is me.

One lives with all of her regrets.
The other paints on a smile
for the world to see.

A disguise in disguise.

How do you know 
when you’ve seen me
or when you’ve seen the me
I want you to see?

This is, I suppose, with everyone.

So, how do you know
you love me, or I you
when it may be the other “us”
in love?

One me keeps in check.
The other me doesn’t care.

One cries in her sleep.
The other never sheds a tear.

Which me is me
and which me is
the one I let you see?

I don’t know anymore.

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