Which Road to Take: A Poem

Despair, lonely and numb

Like the confident hiker

who becomes lost amongst

the tree-shaded shadows

as the unforgiving bitter north wind blows

Roads dark with overgrown

trails of brambles and

thorny brackets

that scrape and nick

leaving fingers sore

No road better than the other

All the signs eroded

with no way to decode

which way to go

So bold I must be

But wait — my tag-alongs

My old friends:




They have come

Almost ready for life’s journey

Yet conflicts quickly arise:

The roads become daunting

and challenge decision, scared to

choose which road to take

The road to the right

may not be the best choice

with it’s eerie winds echoing

like a banshee’s frightful cry

Yet, the left road holds

nothing better, for I

swear I see failure

dripping wetly down this boggy lane

But wait —

Why not the darkest trail?

Where the tall pines

smother any light

or sound, a peaceful

road, it could be

But I must confess

A decision must be made

But which way?

A move I must make

I cannot stand here, forever rusting,

like Dorothy’s Tin Man

Life passing me up

Trying to decide which

hidden road to take

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