Coffee Tales

Sometimes bitter, sometimes sweet. Coffee moments to remember.

Wild & Wood Coffee

London’s hidden gem

I have to say I walked past this building and it looked like it had seen better days, but what caught my eye was the coffee menu on a blackboard with a title, cheapest artisan coffee in London. I was intrigued as it not something that is usually associated with coffee houses. What really grabbed my attention was praise’s such as…

How much for the cost of hearing

A tale of a coffee producer in Bolivia

Last week saw the arrival of my delivery of coffee from Bolivia. Bolivia is a special…

Riding the Coffee Roller Coaster

Coffee is notorious for being a boom and bust commodity. The small scale farmers that make up the majority of global coffee…

Stone Age!

In the long run, life breaks us all. But despite every fall — heart broken and mind shaken — life goes on. Can we yet stand tall?

My Appa, the clown

Is it normal to have such a quirky dad?

In the middle of my class on direct object pronouns, I remembered my father. Nothing related to pronouns or the class in itself, but random things.

He would stand at the gate to our house during exam time and do a mini-drill :

And the rest is left unwritten

reason, season or a lifetime.

I’m sure this notion has entered into many peoples minds.

Be mindful about what you are seeing 

…and what you are not seeing 

As usual, I stepped into my classroom at the Well, technically, it’s more a studio…

I Am My Hair 

I went into my neighborhood beauty supply store on a mission. Focused and on a schedule, I needed to get in and get out as soon as I could. There was one thing and one thing only…

An Addiction Worth Having

My caffeine habit has always been an act of love.

The other day, an acquaintance told me that he thought modern-day people were addicted…

Picture — Kohat, Pakistan

It rains to numb

The afternoon wind had slowly tranquillised the rain, sedating the animal in the clouds. These drops like an anesthetic killed…

Why I Need My Gun at Starbucks

“Tired of being thrust onto the front lines of the nation’s debate over guns, Starbucks is asking customers to leave firearms behind…

Life’s too short for crap coffee

It was February 2013 and in just 24 hours I’d had my moment of clarity.

I ‘d been getting a lot of grief on a project; a guy I’d…

My Coffee Maker

One-of-a-kind, modern yet very very vintage. 

Like every other coffee maker in the market, mine begins its day before I wake up. As I toss and turn, kicking away random bits of animal life snuggled around me, the aroma comes looking for me. Slowly, I wake up to life.

I amble down the stairs to reach that cup that has appeared, as…

How to Make Coffee Before You’ve Had Coffee

Ristretto Roasters’s ‘Spectacularly Simple Guide to Brewing at Home’

A Love Letter to Coffee

I’m a coffee lover. I am, really. I love coffee. I just love it, all of it, every part of it.

Dear Thursday (My Day in Haiku)

It is six o’clock

Early morning comes knocking

My mind is cluttered.

Dear @Twitter…

I’m having a much better @Twitter day than yesterday.

As a follow up to yesterday’s post, I’m having a bad Twitter day, it appears that calm and…

Being a connoisseur is too hard

I don’t believe that I am alone in the digital community in my self-professed love of coffee. Perhaps, I love on coffee too hard. I drink it more or less…

Coffee Tales
Coffee Tales

Sometimes bitter, sometimes sweet. Coffee moments to remember.

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