ethiopian sidamo

Ethiopian Sidamo

As coffee probably originated in Ethiopia, Ethiopian coffee is one of the darlings of the specialty coffee world. It’s a smaller bean than other African coffees. And this pariticular batch has a smaller bean than usual.

Brewed up this coffee has a fruity dry wineness up front. It’s followed by a nice bright citrus flavor. This is a water processed Ethiopian so that plays to it’s crispiness. It’s a very clean bean and a clean cup. So it doesn’t have the body that some African coffees have.

The thing I was surprised of was how great of a shot of espresso it is. It’s very very interesting. First off there isn't much body there. It’s a thin bodied shot. Possibly the thinnest shot of espresso I have ever encountered. The flavor changes as you’re drinking the shot. The crema starts out tasting just like a great Pinot Noir. Then you get the lemon finish. I’m not a fan of super bright acidity in espresso shots. This one though was very pleasant and didn't have that offensive sourness.

Overall I deal with so much Central and South American coffee this African coffee was a great change of pace. It showcases how coffees can have some really crazy different flavors.

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