vietnamese Espresso Dee’s Coffee New Orleans

Vietnamese Style Espresso

So up to this point I’ve just talked about different coffee origins on this blog. I’ve decided I’m going to spice it up a bit and talk about some different coffee drinks too.

This drink was made over at Dee’s Coffee on Baronne St. in New Orleans. They are doing some really interesting different styles of Vietnamese coffee. Pictured above you’ll see the three layers that make up this simple drink. On the top is the crema from the espresso shot. Below is the espresso itself. Below that is sweetened condensed milk.

It’s more photo worthy all in layers like that, but to me for taste you've got to give it a quick stir. Then the cold condensed milk brings the temperature of the espresso down to shoot-able temperature. The sweet cuts the bitter of the espresso and the condensed milk gives it that latte type taste.

It is like a really rich, thick, latte. Which is what it is. It’s a great pick me up and great if you’re a latte drinker and not a traditional espresso drinker but want something small to shoot and be on your way.

It’s the perfect intro to espresso drinking beverage.

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