If you love something, let people see it

Sean Smith
Jan 14, 2016 · 3 min read

A good friend once told me the reason he never started running is because he has never seen one person running who looked happy. “They all look miserable, so why would I ever want to get into that?”

I love to run, I run a good bit — if not while playing sports (as I prefer) than just straight up running a few miles at a time or even running a half marathon or 1/3rd of an adventure race (basically a triathlon but with points you have to discover — hidden in the wilderness — with a map and a team). I love it because I’ve always loved to keep fit, I’ve always loved to push myself, and I see myself as my greatest competition.

Running is a battle against one’s self — both physically testing your limits, and mentally. I thrive off of this, and I also know that running is one of the greatest cardio workouts there is — which is to say one of the greatest ways to burn calories. I love to eat, and I love to work-out which is lucky because if not for the latter I would be huge.

My belief is that more people need to run. It’s simple, not that complicated: if more people ran more people would be healthy.

So when my friend told me why he has never given running its chance, my runs started taking on a whole different tone.

Every time I run now, I try to run in public near a road where many cars will be passing by — and seeing my face. I try to smile as much as possible — even towards the end of my runs when I’m really getting through that hardest 10%, that last bit that is excruciating but exhilerating and the most rewarding of all.

I try to let people see my love for running, for being active, for moving and staying healthy. I try to let that fuel the people who see me to do more, to try their hand at running or whatever is best for them, to get motivated and to pass that feeling along in some manner.

If you want to lead by example, you have to consciously think of the things you’re subconsciously doing. If you look like you’re struggling and hating something that is one of the most rewarding things you could do — no one else will want to do it.

So whatever you love doing, why not show your love for it, and express your love for it to the people around you — so that they might try it and fall in love with it as well, or at least be more motivated to pursue what they know and love.

Why not smile when you run?

If you enjoy these posts please hit the ❤ button below to let me know! All responses are welcome and will be read, also tweet me @snsmth if you ever want to have a chat about life or business. I’m a co-founder of SimpleTiger and love helping businesses grow!

Coffee Time

Short, quickly digestible, thought provoking reads for the coffee break. Productivity, design, and growth focused. By @snsmth

Sean Smith

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Coffee Time

Short, quickly digestible, thought provoking reads for the coffee break. Productivity, design, and growth focused. By @snsmth

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