Behind the Scenes: The Story of ‘Through Button Eyes’

How a diverse anthology came to life and the lessons learned along the way

The Button Guy. In front of a pitch black background, different colorful varieties of buttons are stacked and linked together to form a person with arms and legs flung out in jubilation. Two peril buttons with gold fringes form eyes and a wavy button on top of his head looks like a silver Trump wig.
The Button Guy (Image courtesy of author and WitzFineArt)

“Through Button Eyes: A Collection of Short Fiction” is the baby to a marriage of seven unequivocally different writers collaborating to share their love of creative writing. That love of imaginative script is apparent in the fifteen diverse short…




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Patrick Witz

Patrick Witz

Short story award winner who loves to bring words to life in readers’ minds: strum emotions; sculpt characters; create captivating dialogue & colorful settings.

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