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Boost Your LEARNING STRATEGIES With These Tips!

3 Learning Strategies Help You Improve Teaching Online

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In this digital age, remote working & distance learning is here to stay. Effective learning strategies can be a game-changer. The surge of the pandemic has given momentum to tech-led trends. Thus meeting the challenges of accessibility for online learning. So a large number of students & school districts have benefitted.

Yet, what are the best learning strategies for teaching online? Let’s look at a few ideas here.

Group Learning Strategies Boosts Active Engagement

You’d find group learning classes on Zoom a common sight these days. Students participating in group calls using workable remote communication tools are rising.

Students are bound to better understand via discussions & explanations. Further, group members can give feedback on performance.

But how does one gain from engaging group learning sessions?

For the teacher, you stand to gain from diverse viewpoints. Plunging into specific subjects or exploring a variety of strengths or abilities. Also, this deals with the issue of familiarity & friendship groups amongst younger children. They tend to gravitate towards their best friends or known faces in social circles.

Though the group size & composition can be pointless & impact individual learning experience. For instance, introverted students may feel left out from large groups of friends. Also, smaller groups may lack the required energy or creativity. Further, that results in a lack of fruitful learning experience.

It is best to form mixed & smart groups of four or six based on the task at hand.

How do you consider explaining the subject matter to the group?

While students continue to talk in groups. Teachers can promote listening to recall information faster. Since listening is an underrated communication skill.

Some of the best practical perks of listening:

  • avoid getting interrupted
  • maintain eye contact
  • value others’ contributions.

Real-World Simulation Aid Combined Learning Experience

Are you in search of practical learning strategies using the digital medium?

Students teamed up to learn can be your answer to boost student-faculty communication. While grasping information is simple & effortless. Applicable to any workplace or college learning environment.

Do you know this strategy uses simulations based on real-world business scenarios? An exciting learning experience that you can enjoy in safe & secure surroundings.

What’s more, use this immersive & engaging method of teaching on many subjects to your students. For example, ‘The Blue Ocean’ simulation is a business strategy game for students. Uber & OYO are examples of using the Blue Ocean strategy to create a monopoly in the market.

Students can experience the real-life market conditions of the corporate world. Thus the virtual scenarios help students to join together to make specific decisions.

Students get to try out realistic business challenges. It can be to promote a video game console in a competitive marketplace. Meanwhile, trying to sell an FMCG product to a demanding buyer in real-time.

Such challenges are relatable & empower students to take ownership. Encourages them to take an interest in arriving at a practical solution.

Peer Learning Strategies

Do you trust your students are responsible enough to teach their peers? And that can be debatable?

A powerful learning strategy for students is to learn & teach alongside their peers. They can break down information while absorbing & retaining it at the same time.

As per the “Jigsaw Method’ experts suggest groups of four or six. In these groups, you can divide the learning material into equal parts. So every student’s task is to teach each other & interact.

But they have to research the subject matter & prepare a lesson plan. Optimal for short & concise teaching segments. Using breakout rooms or one-to-one feedback sessions, you can leverage virtual classrooms.

As a teacher, you can use online platforms for student-led presentations. Peer reviews contribute to a greater understanding of the subject matter you teach.

The Last Word

Finally, you may come across a vast number of online learning strategies. Discover valuable ways to increase participation & connect with others in group learning sessions.

There is an increase in the rise of many student-led teaching & reviews. Contributing to making students accountable for their learning & development with time.

The cue is to determine a suitable learning strategy. That best suits the subject taught & your student’s learning needs. Also, look for ways to develop practical business skills in a workplace setting.

Giving a shoutout can make a difference, read Winston’s story to know more.




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