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On the most auspicious of nights amidst the play of Chronos, let me attempt to narrate the story behind the appearance of this essence with the blessings of the Logos

A naive nonchalant native flung into the nefarious soup of modern-day nihilism and narcissism; nauseated and numbed with the negligent, narrow-minded and nasty realises that the cause is nescience, a noxiously neurotic slumber that requires a notoriously naughty nudge, which is nonviolent yet noticeable to awaken the ennobling nobility that lies imprisoned beneath nonsensical moralities masquerading as ideologies. The only nutrition is knowledge , the Jnana which realises the Nomos of not only Nature but also the Nameless. Naturally, this nebula of meaning may appear most nutty and needlessly numerous but certainly not non-essential. So, let me cut myself short and introduce myself as Nisshanth which means either the end of the night or the beginning of day or simply “The Dawn”.

Here is my shoutout to Dr.Preethi Singh, one of the more vivacious and effervescent voices out here on medium. I assure you that this article will make u smile.




Coffee Times is not just a publication, but a movement to build a mutually supportive community that encourages active reading and better writing.

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