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New Writers Welcome (11 Dec 2021)

New writers to Coffee Times (See Distribution list below)

Photo by Belinda Fewings on Unsplash

Thank you for your application to write for Coffee Times. Your request has been processed and accepted. You are now a registered writer for Coffee Times.

On behalf of our editorial team, I would like to welcome you to Coffee Times. We currently have 7 editors at Coffee Times, depending on the genre that you write about you may have the opportunity to interact with them. Do take a look at our editors’ introduction in the article below to familiarise yourself with what each of our editors does.

Yana Bostongirl; Vidya Sury, Collecting Smiles; Dr. Preeti Singh; Drashti Shroff; Marrisa W.; Sharing Randomly

Coffee Times is a unique publication with a one-of-its-kind shoutout requirement, hence I would urge you to read our submission rules and comply with them when submitting your drafts to us.

While we are a small publication, but we are one that has a big dream. If you would like to know the direction that Coffee Times is heading, check out the below article and join us in our journey to be a world-class digital magazine.

We are a cross-platform publication and some of your work would be circulated and featured on our social sites. In order to help you build a stronger network, it is necessary for you to understand how we select and feature your work across different platforms.

For new writers who require more help, we have prepared a startup guide below for you.

If you want to find out the latest about Coffee Times but haven’t subscribed to our newsletter, you can take a peek at our latest newsletter and if you enjoy the content, do subscribe to get the latest newsletter delivered directly to your mailbox.

For New Writers hoping to gain more exposure with Coffee Times, we urge you to submit and publish your profile article with us. Not only would such an article earn you extra money, but we would also use it to profile you and your work at our social sites to increase your exposure to an external audience. Check out examples of those that have already done it below.

Finally when you write with us, be ready to get lifted and write articles that is worth a thousand claps. Don’t believe it? Just check out the below article and read the comments section to find out for yourself. And here is the song from Lighthouse Family which I enjoy listening to whenever I felt lifted. Truly, if writers are willing to work closer, together we can lift each other. Click to listen and enjoy the spirit of being lifted.


Coffee Times is not just a publication, but a movement to build a mutually supportive community that encourage active reading and better writings.

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