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The Difference Between a Jezebel and a Mistress

‘Straight To The Point Series’ #1

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The Jezebel will go after your husband on purpose. Her sole mission is to get your husband, even if it means breaking up your family. She hates kids and does not care if you leave yours.⁠

The Mistress can be a regular girl your husband meets at a grocery store. The Mistress only goes on what your husband sells her. The husband would usually talk bad about his wife, making her out to be a witch, when in reality it is not true. But the Mistress believes the stories and feels sorry for the husband. The Mistress is under the constant belief that the husband is getting a divorce soon. She is not the bad guy here.

This was from my “Strait To The Point” series. If you are looking for some intriguing stories, I have 124 of them for you to enjoy on my list.

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