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The Niagara of South India

I’ve been here

Photo by Vivek Sharma on Unsplash

Athirappilly Falls is on the west coast of south India. It is the largest waterfall in Kerala, a state famously known as God’s own country. This waterfall on the Chalakudy river, which originates from the mountains of western ghats, stands at eighty feet tall.

The falls are one of the main tourist attractions in the state. Though there is water flow throughout the year, the best time to visit the falls to see its complete spectacle is the rainy season — June to October.

The nearest airport is Kochi International airport which is thirty-four miles away. Its proximity to the urban town of Kochi makes it easily accessible via road and train.

Athirappilly Falls has always attracted Bollywood’s attention and several songs have got filmed at the location.

There are two other waterfalls nearby — Vazhachal Falls and Charpa Falls. Charpa falls are situated next to a road.

Charpa Falls — Picture from Wikipedia
Vazhachal Falls — Picture from Wikipedia

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