Where do you see yourself five years? What are your plans?

Five years ago I had a plan for my career, and did not go as well as expected. I’m not in the place where he hoped to be, and no longer want to be in that place. Halfway plans changed, I changed.

I am learning to create short and medium term plans. Five years for those working with IT projects is a lot. Lives up five years in five months, we have experiences that take your breath away, that are exciting, that destroy us and rebuild us in a very short time.

We know people who have daily contact, and the next year are just a contact work, the distance is extended by long hours of paperwork and deadlines to be met.

I’m learning to take role of the plans is to run them today, and tomorrow is a reflection of what I do every day. And what truth is worth the journey.

One certainty is that the next 5 years plan to be better than I am today.

And you, what you think about this?

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