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COFFICE STORY: Darko Klincharski, DevOps engineer at Tarmac

Darko Klincarski, DevOps at Tarmac

Every once in a while, you meet a person whose ability to make people laugh is unparalleled. These individuals are the focus of every party and can literally light up every room they walk into. Regardless of how bad you feel, these people will always manage to bring sunshine to your cloudy day and remind you that there’s always a reason to smile. Their optimism and prankster skills are contagious, so very often when you’re among these fascinating individuals, you find yourself pulling the exact same pranks, just to tease and spend the day laughing. Their positive energy is absolutely magnetic and uplifting.

One such individual is Darko Klincharski, a 28 year old, DevOps engineer at Tarmac, Minnesota based company which is currently renting a space for its team of 7 people and a resident DJ at Coffice. Yes, you read that correctly, his killer skills for playing inspiring music will guarantee you start your day on a positive note. He’s also a founder of EtherealSpark or as he likes to call it, his very own creative generator of ideas. So this story is all about him, what he does and why his team choose Coffice to be their workspace.

COFFICE: What made you do what you’re doing today? Tell us your journey

DK: Well I guess I kind of got steered into this direction during my school years. First of all, because I was never any good at the subjects where you had to learn even 10 lines of facts by heart and then later repeat them like reading poetry out loud. I was always more inclined toward maths, physics and similar subjects where there were rules and an actual explanation of why something is as it is. The final turn in this directions was actually following my older brother who had already got his degree in computer science as I was enrolling.

COFFICE: Where do you get your inspiration from?

DK: My absolutely “weird” taste of music… I’ve been known to get motivated and inspired by the most uninspiring pieces of music out there. I know all the dark corners of Youtube, so whenever I need a boost I go back to them.

COFFICE: Who or what has influenced your work the most?

DK: Stackoverflow… As it has most IT people.

Stackoverflow, online community for developers to learn, share their programming knowledge and build their careers

COFFICE: Proudest moment to date…

DK: The moment when I mustered the courage to, just like John Snow, bend the knee and pledge my life to my queen (wife in modern times).

COFFICE: If you had the chance to collaborate with a brand or an individual, what or who would it be?

DK: I gotta say Ubisoft. They make my all time favorite game (Assassin’s Creed) and working on it one day would be a dream come true.

COFFICE: Best advice you’ve ever received.

DK: I’m not known for listening to other people’s advices, but on rare occasions I can come back down to Earth and take a note. I guess the one that keeps repeating in my head the most is: “There’s nothing that can’t be done. You just have to keep looking for a way.”

COFFICE: Personal moto

DK: Hakuna Matata :)

COFFICE: Experience with Coffice

DK: Well, let’s see here… Coffice is great a place to hang out, meet all sorts of new people. One big thing to note though is the fact that the Malaga bakery workshop is just under the window so the smell of freshly baked chocolate cake might drive you mad. If you can get past that, you’d have a great time.

Throughout the two and a half years of opening Coffice, I’ve met so many interesting people, each and every one of them unique in its own way with their own unique stories to share. They’ve thought me so much about life and work. Words like resilience, work ethic and immense love for what you do, were just plain words before meeting them. Now these words have meaning, they are my perspectives for becoming better every single day. So thanks Darko for showing me how to laugh, even in times when I don’t feel like laughing, as for all the others, thank you for being a part of our Coffice family.

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