COFFICE STORY: Kiril Ivanovski, co-founder of GrabIT

Kiril Ivanoski, co-founder of GrabIt

Challenging as it may be, running your own company is something of a privilege if you ask me. Sure there’s a lot to deal with, from everyday mundane tasks that just seem to take forever to finish, to those tasks you’re always glad to do, but the satisfaction you get from a job well done or a project successfully finished is the best feeling in the world. There’s nothing that can compare to that feeling.

Today we praise such an individual who has built a company that currently employs 9 people and is always searching for new talent. Kiril Ivanoski is the co-founder of GrabIt, a Prilep based software company founded by Valentin Gjorgjioski back in 2009 which develops software solutions for companies and individuals. I sat down with him a week ago to talk about the technologies they use and the products they’ve developed that make them proud. In addition, you can read the whole story of this marvelous software developer.

Coffice: What made you do what you’re doing today? Tell us your journey.

KI: I think it is a long journey, so I’d say just the main. Probably, my personality made me who I’m today. I like to help people and make their life easier, I’m also tech fun and I like engineering. All these points defined my work and career, developing software that makes people’s lives and companies’ work easier.

GrabIT is founded in 2009 by Valentin Gjorgjioski. I joined the company and became co-owner in the mid of 2016. Currently we are team of 9 members and we are looking for new developers. We mostly work with web technologies, mainly PHP. From developing tools I can mention PHPStorm, Android Studio, VirtualBox, Vagrant and Puppet. For code versioning we use GitLab. In our portfolio there are many products like webshop platform (, e-auctions (, price comparison shopping engine ( and a lot more.

GrabIT was founded in 2009

Coffice: Some of the most challenging software you had to work on

KI: One of the most challenging projects that I still work on is software for postal logistics. It is web application which integrates mobile devices for ground work. With this software our customers can easily create parcels, print invoices, receive notifications, be navigated to shipping addresses through their mobile devices. Also with our web app users can see order history, track delivery, make batch order and many more functionalities that modern logistics software implies.

All clients (web and mobile) are communicating with API service which is the core of the software.

Web app is developed in PHP. Mobile devices software is developed in java (android). Data is stored in MySQL DB. Data is processed in real time, so choosing right technologies can significantly increase performances.

This software is used by some of the biggest post couriers in Macedonia and this motivates me and pushes me to be the best I can be.

Coffice: Who has influenced your work the most?

KI: My friends that I was rocking with during my studies.

Coffice: Proudest moment to date…

KI: From career perspective I’d say 24.04.2007, the date of my first official employment. My first job was software developer at Asseco See. I was working on banking software with Microsoft technologies. Some of the responsibilities I had were writing routines in SQL Server, implementing services, creating reports. Thanks to this company, I earned knowledge, working discipline and passion for codding.

Of course I have prouder moments which are related to my family and friends.

Coffice: Best advice you’ve ever received.

KI: For some issues you’d better hit the sack and rethink them later.

Coffice: Personal moto

KI: Be a person.

Coffice: Experience with Coffice

Coffice, coworking space in Skopje

KI: Coffice is a very pleasant place where I can go at any time and meet people like me. My company is In Prilep, where I’m spending most of the working hours. Because of the business requirements I also work in Skopje for 1–2 days per week. So for Prilep I have my office and for Skopje I have Coffice.

We hope this story inspired some of you who were thinking about opening their own start-up or company. For those of you who are still seeking for a job opportunity, feel free to check GrabIt’s website and apply for some of their open positions. As we’re here to serve you guys, feel free to tell us what kind of questions you’re expecting to know the answers to.

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