Giving Hootsuite the old college try


Hootsuite is one of the most popular SMMS/SMMT (social media management systems/tools) of choice, for both businesses and personal users. A free account will give you access to limited analytics and the ability to add only three social media accounts, but for my needs at the moment, it’s enough to get in some quality practice using the tool.

Pre-scheduling tweets, posts etc. across different social media platforms is one of the primary functions of Hootsuite. I have gone the route of both posting Facebook posts at peak time, in real time (resulting in many a last-minute mad scramble among our team of curators), and that of scheduling Facebook posts beforehand; I can personally attest to the latter resulting in much less stress and drastically diminishing the likelihood of a nervous breakdown. And in the month that I’ve been on Twitter, I have found that trying to think up something witty and interesting to tweet (plus editing an accompanying graphic) every single day, without fail, does take up an unprecedented amount of time. As I’ve increased my social media presence and the number of platforms I’m using, more than ever, it’s becoming apparent that the mastery of social media requires military precision. Moreover, when uninspired, I’m even more likely to fall off the horse and not keep to my New Year’s resolution of tweeting every day for a year (I’d rather not publish something at all, than publish something subpar). Pondering the issue now, Hootsuite (or any other SMMS) will definitely help keep me consistently tweeting all year.

A disadvantage of using Hootsuite is that I can’t choose between different geo-tagging options for my tweet (I prefer to use “Melbourne, Australia”, rather than anything more specific, such as “Fitzroy, Victoria, Australia”, which appears to be the default setting when tweeting from home—yes, I’m extremely exacting). Another one is that there is no search function nor list of predictive Twitter handles or hashtags shown when I’m scheduling my tweets in real time (a minor annoyance, and easily solved by having Twitter open in another window so I can check I’m mentioning a verified account or with a popular hashtag).

But an added bonus of using Hootsuite is that the retweeting experience via the Hootsuite Hootlet add-on is much more customisable than doing so via any native Twitter app or desktop client. I can actually change the text in the RT with Hootsuite, which is something I wasn’t able to intuitively do beforehand (copy-pasting into an original tweet is mucho clunky).

Today: conquering SMMS. Tomorrow: the world.

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