INDIA 2050

15AUGUST 2050

Today as i woke up, I switch on my television to listen to our honorable prime minister of India Mr. Narender Modi.I searched for dd national (this channel exist when there is ind vs pak cricket match and i haven’t subscribed my sports pack). So i started listening to him then suddenly i realized that this is 2050.

Lets start again; Today as i woke up,i pressed the yellow button behind my ear. A screen comes in air as u have seen in some hollywood movies like avengers and others but qualitywise it is best because of the govt “make in India” campaign.

Now he is discussing some stats about that in happiness index we are on number 4 spot and government policies are going in good direction and in the next year we will top this chart. Now our science,research and development team is shaping the planet mars for better living and our indian brains will keep forging the red planet to make it a better place as in past we have done in USA.
In improving air and water quality,the world see us as an example how our sustainable development approach transforms india and its citizens.
They are following our country’s model in health, education and development sector,Now our education quality is best in world and other countries are telling their citizens to visit india for education,they know we are the ones who enlighten the world with spirituality and knowledge and now we will maintain this status quo.

Fascinating right!

Now i will discuss some major problems with indians and our system. To keep this article brief i will try to discuss only 3-4 main problems.


Suppose you have two children one is good in studies,sports etc,while the younger one is like ishaan awasthi(taare zameen par).Now if you will not give extra attention or love to ishaan you know exactly what happened to him. But if your love is only for ishaan then what about the elder one 😒(i didnt know the name of elder one).

Now this thing is happening in our country,the aim of giving the reservation was that backwards will come up,right;but now the problem is this that reservation is missing its target audiences only a very few people are enjoying the benefits.

Now govt should remove those people who are already prosperous so that the real backward people of their community will get chance to come up and join the flow.

The reservation should be more focused on poor people not on particular community.

Note — there should be no reservation in top posts like civil services and in promotion,you should give them a chance to come up better we will give them fees subsidies,free education etc and jobs in department in which they can learn work in few months and contribute in nation’s growth.

I want to write more but i have to discuss other things too.

P.S. — the elder one is Yuhon Awasthi, never doubt my memory I am an engineer bro i can memorise a whole book on the night of exam.


Now a days everyone spend most of the time in watching news or reading post of a particular party on social media and television.

Those who do the above mentioned activities ,I am very glad to tell you that you are brainwashed😂😂😂.For you Sjp is best party and Songress is worst.

Maybe you are right may be not but try to think, have you ever wondered that there are always positive news of one party ,one channel favours one and the other channel favours other one.

Try to imagine if there will be no opposition,Imagined? Now think ,what is the difference between a monarchy and a democracy?

Always try to check the both sides of a story. This is how our judicial system works. Try to listen both sides and then give your judgement.

“do not be a victim of a propaganda”


I have saved this topic for the last,because in my opinion If we want to make “INDIA 2050" similar to one i have described above we have to change our mindset.

Before i start i want to mention a famous quote of Eleanor Roosevelt :-

“Its better to light a candle than curse the darkness .”

And now please stop reading and google what is butterfly effect.

Ok, now a days people blame the government for everything. If you too have this same supernatural habit please read that quote 15-20 times, I know its difficult to change the habit but please do try this at home😛!

Few of my friend are fond of travelling,when they come back and try to tell about the cleanliness of that country ,simultaneously they are eating a chocolate and than they say look how filthy is india?

Then he throws that chocolate wrapper on road and when i asked him not to do so, he says “Mere akele ke daalne se kya hoga?”

Now every person in country have the same kind of thinking. But my question is what are you doing to make this country a better place?

I have seen people in metros and buses, i will not say people here i m referring to youth. They always took advantage of there muscles and fitness and achieve victory after occupying a seat in bus or train. On the other hand the people who really nead seats like senior citizens,mothers with small babies ,they have to travel standing . I am saying to the youth those who do these things please have some emotions.

Now again a quote comes into my memory of a man from of our very own nation Mr MOHANDAS KARAMCHAND GANDHI: —

“ Be the change you want to see in the world”

So always try to change the things instead of cursing them. In last a slogan from the writer of the article:


Happy independence day


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