Independence Day, 2017

A world on the edge, unbalanced by fear, loathing, and an inability to know what to do next.

We are in the precarious position of depending on leaders who are without a clue. We are dependent upon corporations who value their profits over the very lives of the people making them rich.

We are in the thrall of tools which subvert our ability to understand our world, harvested for our privacy, and our freedoms, unaware of what we have lost.

We have been splintered, fractured, made to feel small, inadequate to the tasks ahead. Our identities held hostage to rhetoric, our choices limited by socialized and acculturation thousands of years old.

Unwilling to recognize the changes in our world, we drown our sorrows, medicate our highest selves through religion, through opiates, through sports, through sexual congress, real or imagined. We are dying and yet photograph ourselves thousands of times a year to pretend we are alive.

Nation-states pride themselves on their frugality, while spending too much on the wrong things. We spend billions on elections and nothing on infrastructure.

We spend hundreds of billions on war, and resent spending a cent on education, literally the future of our species lies fallow for the fools who won’t empower the next generation until the last has supped thoroughly at the trough.

The venal and wicked laugh, point and say falsehoods no one seems adequately trained enough to refute. The truth lies brutalized at their feet and yet they can do nothing to save it, to help restore its only value to a society on the cusp of dissolution.

When your truths are no longer self-evident, when you cannot understand the nature of the world you live in because you are inadequately equipped either through cognition or opportunity, your freedom has been abridged.

When you must protest for a right to life others simply assume you don’t have, use specious rhetoric to undermine, you are not free.

When the culture you live in says to you protesting their monstrosity, their cruelty, their obliviousness to your suffering is the true crime.

When All Lives Matter, no one will need to tell you otherwise. As long as someone can prove this is not the case, WE are not free.

None of us.

The worst part is still yet to come. For their wealth, their prosperity to continue, the sacrifices must continue. The closed circle must surrender something. They have decided it will be you and yours.

They will steal your rights. They will make you surrender them through fear. You will be told of threats in foreign lands so that you refuse to acknowledge the threats right before you.

You will live in terror. Steeped in it, you have become the leaves in the tea of oppression. Your fears now flavor every aspect of your lives allowing those with media to stir you, stir your community, until the scent of fear becomes all that you know, it permeates your existence and your acceptance of the abuses.

Your government will steal those rights, using tools to assail you at every level. They will rely on your willingness to be safe, that will allow them to imprison every other aspect of your existence. Your credit score reveals your worthiness to be one of the elite. Your advertising profile tells them how much money you can spend. Your educational level tells them how much potential value you have to them. How well you play the game. How well you tow the line. How well you have been indoctrinated.

How well you can be led. Exploited. Disposed of. Used.

Our measure of success in this society is how well you participate in the oppression of your fellows. How well you exploit the technology of our age to ensure you have while others around you go wanting. Often, right in plain sight. Yes, you ignore them. You’ve been told to. You no longer pity them. It’s their own fault after all.

Merit and opportunity come to those who seek it out, or so the aphorism goes.

The truth lies beaten at our feet and can no longer refute this lie.

It sits quietly hoping things will return to normal, where people valued each other, at least a tiny bit. Where people might have been able to be ashamed of what we have become.

Even the truth knows the Truth. We are slaves in the employ of monsters who see no value in the future, except when they assign it, except when they can exploit it. No change comes before its time. And never in time for you. Or yours.

In the coming days, note the changes to come. Note the losses of opportunity for those who are deemed different. They aren’t less capable. They aren’t inferior. They simply don’t accept the status quo.

The alternative facts which says we are free. Free to choose. Free to grow. Free to protect ourselves from predation.

That uncomfortable statement which says we were all created equal.

The Truth is no one has ever believed that statement. When it was made, someone was already in power over the lives of others. They promote it to this very day because the ideal is a wonderful one, a panacea for what ails society.

They just don’t ever plan to let it make a difference to the profit margin. You are as free as the profit margin you present to those in power. When you are no longer profitable, you’re true condition becomes evident to you.

You are not free to move. You are not free to grow. You are not free to experience anything not deemed acceptable by them.

Turn away from what I have said. This way lies the Truth no one wants you to see.

Truth does not equal profit. Freedom isn’t free. There is no freedom without health. There is no freedom without choice. There is no freedom without knowledge.

Denied all of these how free can you be?

Look around and ask yourself: Are you free or merely in a game with borders beyond your ability to see?

Wealth reveals the boundaries of the game. They don’t want you to understand: There is no plan. There are no rules. They simply don’t have to care about you or yours.

You are not free. You are not independent. You have been enslaved by silk ribbons, each soft, non-threatening, beautiful to gaze upon. Until they are so numerous, you can no longer move. Your world is a beautiful one, a silken prison you don’t even try to escape anymore.

A prison you don’t even recognize.

Happy Independence Day.



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