Unlocking Athletic Prowess: The Symbiosis of Visual and Cognitive Mastery with Reflexion Go

Blagoja Petrushev
Cognitive Skills Lab
2 min readNov 11, 2023

Introduction: The Inseparable Bond of Visual and Cognitive Excellence

In the dynamic arena of sports, the nexus between visual and cognitive prowess emerges as a defining factor for athletic greatness. The adage, “The eyes lead the body,” is not a mere cliché; it reflects a fundamental truth. This symbiotic relationship between what the eyes perceive and the decisions the brain makes holds the key to on-field success, a notion extensively supported by research (Applebaum 2016).

Decoding On-Field Outcomes: The Visual Decision-Making Paradigm

Studies have consistently illuminated that on-field results are a direct consequence of decisions rooted in the interpretation and integration of visual stimuli (Kirschen & Laby, 2011). The path to enhancing on-field outcomes lies in refining the foundational skills of visual integration, neural processing, and both binocular and monocular sensory processes.

Visual Cognitive Skills Training: Bridging the Gap to Athletic Excellence

The encouraging news is that akin to any other set of muscles, the eyes can be trained. Rigorous research, subject to peer review, has underscored that the visual cognitive functions distinguishing elite athletes can indeed be elevated through purposeful training.

Reflexion Go Drills: Elevating Performance Seamlessly

Enter Reflexion Go, a paradigm shift in athletic training. The platform offers a burgeoning collection of cognitive training drills meticulously designed to hone specific sport-related cognitions. These drills are not only swift, enjoyable, and effective but also seamlessly integrated into any workout routine, rendering them accessible to athletes at every level.

Types of Cognitions Refined: Crafting Athletic Mastery

  • Tracking: Precision in following movements.
  • Reaction Time: Swift response to impulsive situations.
  • Hand-Eye Coordination: Enhanced accuracy in hand movements in response to visual stimuli.
  • Peripheral Awareness: Expanded awareness of surroundings for prompt decision-making.
  • Dynamic Visual Acuity: Sharpened vision during dynamic situations.
  • Contrast Sensitivity: Improved ability to distinguish details in various lighting conditions.
  • Focusing: Refined ability to concentrate vision.
  • Depth Perception: Elevated skill in estimating distances between objects.

Conclusion: Charting the Course to Athletic Brilliance

In conclusion, Reflexion Go isn’t just a training program; it’s a transformative journey toward elevating visual and cognitive skills. Through a holistic approach that engages both the mind and body, this program lays the foundation for athletic brilliance, pushing the boundaries of what’s possible on the field.

Don’t just read about it — experience the transformative journey firsthand. Elevate your game, refine your skills, and unravel the true potential within. Click here to embark on your path to athletic brilliance with Reflexion Go!



Blagoja Petrushev
Cognitive Skills Lab

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