Close Captioning Provided by Watson

MediaWen adopts cognitive solution for video translation

When it comes to providing close captioning, subtitling, and dubbing of media projects, most companies work with offsite people, usually networks of freelancers that are based worldwide. As we see an explosion in content produced from across the globe, providing a solution that is both secure, flexible, and collaborative is becoming increasingly important.

To address this need, French media house Mediawen turned to the speech capabilities of Watson.

MediaWen provides a software service solution for the video and media industry for subtitling, close captioning, and automated dubbing. For instance, as more media and entertainment companies want to show their footage globally, MediaWen can help localize the content for specific languages. Another key industry is the learning profession, where more and more enablement and teaching resources are going digital.

Their STVHub, which uses the IBM cloud platform, can support its workloads including large video files, and allows user access globally. Watson’s cognitive computing power provides voice recognition, machine translation, text to speech, and other semantic tools that enables MediaWen to work on subtitling, in many languages, right to left, left to right, all over the world. Which is a big plus. As resources are fed into Watson, the service continues to improve linguistic capabilities.

With a web browser and simple interface design, customers quickly access STVHub, upload a video file, and seamlessly perform and manage closed captioning, subtitling, and dubbing functions. The immediate access to video files results in reduced production time and costs. The power and flexibility of cloud technology enables dynamic resource allocation and eliminates concern about assets location, disk space, computing power or security. It also simplifies the process of giving Watson access to the video files.

“Our goal at MediaWen, we want to bring accessibility in a global village, which speaks so many languages: over 150 official languages. IBM plays a key role because it fits to our vision and to our model.” Said Erwan de Kerautem, Founder & CEO, Mediawen. “[IBM] fits to our vision and to our model. We want to be affordable for freelancers, SMEs, and the big players in the subtitling and the dubbing world.”

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Cognitive Voices. Discussions on latest happenings in AI and cognitive computing.