Cognitive stories reimagined at World of Watson

The World of Watson event October 24–27 in Las Vegas can be viewed as the ‘coming out party’ for the latest developments in cognitive computing. And while the stories themselves show some of the latest developments in this space, you will also see new and innovative means of storytelling.

From photo-journalistic galleries to the immersion of virtual reality, to the creation of a life-size helipad, we want to inspire you to create your own cognitive journey, transforming industries and our society.

Let us give you a glimpse of just some of the stories you will witness:

The Weather Company — Bee-2-B

We’re excited to bring you a new inventive form of VR storytelling featuring The Weather Company we’ve developed in partnership with the New York Times’ T-Brand Studio. Starting with the journey of a bee, you’ll learn how insights from weather can not just transform agriculture, but extend into other industries. You can actually slip on your VR headset and experience this right now!

Woodside Energy

The Woodside Energy showcase features Australia’s largest independent oil and gas company who is using Watson to help engineers on offshore platforms tap the knowledge from millions of pages of engineering reports. In the Hero Story we’ve published you’ll hear from Dean, one of the Woodside engineers who is using Watson to help reduce risk in their drilling operations.

Medtronic Diabetes

Explore a beautiful, life-size gallery featuring 3 personal stories of how technology has helped diabetes patients cope with the condition. Learn how Watson Health helps Medtronic identify who should be in their ground-breaking diabetes program and deliver personalized treatment via mobile apps. We’ll share more on the Medtronic story through social and digital in the week prior to World of Watson!

The Cognitive Build

This landmark IBM event provoked thousands of our IBM employees to dream up ways in which cognitive technology can transform our business and our lives. From visual recognition of the food on your plate to addressing mental illness in society, we’ve seen significant development since the launch of this program in Spring. At World of Watson, you will see 30 Cognitive Build teams present in an electrifying, quick-fire pitchfest. You can learn about the projects in the demo space and on the story wall. And did you know that the cognitive concierge robots throughout the event experience are powered by the Cognitive Build?

Get started on your cognitive journey

I will be running a session on how to get started on your own journey to becoming a cognitive business. You’ll learn about the importance of cognitive, the steps you need to take and hear from clients that are finding value in turning cognitive insights into competitive advantage.

A modified version of this post appeared on the IBM Watson blog. Related posts include How to build a future-proof business and 5 lessons on building an intelligent enterprise.

I look forward to seeing you at the World of Watson event later this month!