Siemens partners with Watson Health to improve population health management

Healthineers partnership introduces cognitive capabilities to provide better patient outcomes

Imagine the impact healthcare providers would have if they could navigate and understand the vast amounts of health data to better manage patients faced with complex, chronic conditions such as heart disease or cancer. IBM Watson Health and Siemens Healthineers have formed a partnership to do just that.

This partnership will help hospitals, health systems, and other providers deliver personalized care to patients, collaborate with other care team members to adjust the plan as needed, and monitor progress against goals and outcomes using cognitive technology.

As the volume and diversity of health data continues to grow, healthcare professionals need to make sense of all this information, and figure out the best ways to cope with chronic diseases as the patient population ages. Achieving this value-based care requires a proactive approach, where at-risk populations are identified and handled differently than historically has been the norm. IBM Watson and Siemens will work together to help healthcare professionals better understand the changes in this new healthcare environment and use this data to help them provide value-based care.

Together, Siemens and IBM will develop and deploy new population-based health solutions that leverage their expertise and assets to better manage growing needs. With IBM Watson’s robust cognitive platform and Siemens’ existing relationships with hospitals, they will help meet hospital and healthcare systems’ demands for value-based care analytics and reporting, and patient engagement.

IBM and Siemens Healthineers will help hospitals better manage populations of patients in the competitive, multi-billion-dollar healthcare industry. “We are at an unprecedented time in healthcare, “ Deborah DiSanzo, General Manager for IBM Watson Health said. “Mature and developing markets are increasingly focused on how patient outcomes are optimized, quality is standardized among individuals and across populations, and costs are reduced.”

You can learn more about the alliance between IBM Watson Health and Siemens by reading the press release and articles from Forbes and Healthcare IT News.

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