EZlife is dead

This week we went through a drastic change. After user-testing, the feedback we gathered reflected a problem with our app idea which is that many of our functions such as Shop and Uber overlay are redundant. After we talked with Prof. Boyle, we decided to change our angle and design an app for caretakers.

Our original prototype
Us working on prototypes

We decided to focus mainly on connecting caretaker with caree. (thanks to Trevor for this nice title for our customer) We did not realize the potential market for this kind of app until Prof. Boyle told us how she, as a care taker, would love some extra help. Then we started to incorporate wearable technology into our app and enable caretakers to collect live feedback from the wearable.

The new prototype

Then we met with the Prof. Boyle, Micheal and Trevor to user-test our new prototype, during the meeting they gave us the inspiration of further customize our app for different types of patient ( diabetes, dementia etc.) since they all have very different needs. We could also potentially establish a call center for caretakers who do not live that close to the caree or have a really busy schedule. The call center can be a monthly subscription for people who need it. During the process of designing the prototype, we had a lot of doubt regarding the limitation of wearable technology, but right now we are going to dream big and focus on the design.

wearable technology will be a huge part of our app

So yeah, ezlife is dead. Our app is now rebranded “EZ Care” and this really just shows how important is user-testing and without the feedback, even though we had doubt we might still continue to work with our old idea.