Finalizing the App Prototype

By Jian Bin Liang

Before Thursday of Week 3, after getting feedback from two other groups, we came up with the two best versions of the app (from Chris and Audrey) and prepared for Thursday’s user-testing session.

We redesigned the desktop and mobile versions of the app and used them for the final app version user testing.

While presenting the two versions of the apps to two other groups, we had more fans for the desktop version of the app. The great design from Audrey contains 4 colors for each search feature, which users felt was very unique. The logo of our app Cook Nook is embedded with our 4 theme colors which makes the application feel creative and friendly.

During the discussion with two other groups, we received a lot of positive feedback and suggestions for both versions of the app, which makes us excited that we are on the right track of the final app. Thanks to Audrey’s skill on Photoshop, users didn’t find much problems or become confused about our app. Instead of giving feedback of problems or running into confusion, users were more likely to provide positive feedback, suggestions, and missing features to us. This feedback is extremely helpful for us to improve the design of our final app.

Here are some of the positive feedback from two other group:

# ”Would really like to see this fleshed out in an interactive thing”

# “Layout is good”

# “Placement of buttons are easy to see and use”

# “Pictures are good for visibility”

Suggestions were given:

# Make a small share button

# Color scheme, not enough contrast

# black outline around text

Missing Features were given:

# Add friends feature (Facebook/social media), group/friends search, grocery list

# Add back button to go backward

Feedback from User Testing makes our final app perfect!!!

After the discussion with two other groups, we went back to our group and started another discussion of choosing the final version of our app. It was tough for us to do that, since one is the desktop version and another is mobile version.

After the voting, we decided to focus on the Desktop Version of the the app.

During the weekend, each of us worked hard on improving the design of different page in our app. Here are the screenshot of the folders we created for each page:

We are still working hard of these, let’s unveil the surprise on Tuesday presentation~~~

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