“Get Swole”

Fleshing Out the Details of ‘Vested’

“The details are not the details; they make the design.” — Charles Eames
‘Vested: The Modern Coin Jar’

The Koalafied team has been bulking up Vested this week with an easily navigable interface and a fresh coat of paint to go along with it! We’ve been flexing our creative muscles as we decide between green-blue and blue-green; the jury is still out, but Shelly’s taking command on the color front. Wow, okay. I’m really mixing metaphors here.

Monday, we all got together and hammered out the little details that had slipped through the cracks. Shockingly enough, one of those details happened to be the “cash out” feature, which we all talked about many times, but totally forgot that it’s part of the design! Oof.

Mapping out the ‘Vested’ app flow

The graphic designers really had their hands full this week! I just want to put up all their different designs in this post, because they’re stellar. But… I’ll let you have a *little* peek at what we have in store.

Drum roll, please!





The Vest with the Zest!

What? You think we’d spoil the whole thing before the reveal next week? I know, I know. Such a cruel world.

Stay tuned for more news next week, and have a safe Labor Day weekend!

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