Getting Up To Speed

Hello, it’s the Koalafied team with our first development update!

Alpacalypse was a close second!

We’ve all been getting along great so far. A solid foundation indeed! This week, we decided that we’re taking our meetings outside and enjoying the fresh sea air.

Team Name Brainstorming & Logo Designs

This week we worked on discovering our identity as a team by coming up with a team name and sharing each of our takes on logos inspired by our name. While brainstorming team names, we found that our team is playful and creative while maintaining an air of professionalism. After voting on our favorite team names, we decided that we wanted to be “Koalafied” for the job (*ba dum tss*). To us, being Koalafied means having the skills and the motivation to create great design with compassion and purpose.

At the next class meeting, we learned a bit about effective criticism and practiced our skills on the critique of each other’s logo sketches. It was amazing to see our team name come to life in so many different images. While we never agreed on what elements we should include in the logos, koalas, ties, glasses, and check marks were in abundance, showing how we all had a similar image in mind for our team name. Everyone has brought some fantastic offerings, and we can’t wait to see what will turn up at our next meeting when we unveil the polished logos that we’ve meticulously created!

Logos by Kendrick
Logos by Kellie
Logos by Eunice

Just so we’re clear, the dream team you’ve got here is composed of: Eunice Kim, Reginald Uy, Kyle Rico, Daniel Won, Audrey Olson, Kellie Higa, Mandeep Sran, Shelly (Ji Bae), and Kendrick Mausolf. We hope to delight you with our creations. Stay tuned for more development updates!