The Birth of JamInk

JamInk, created in the awesome summer of 2017, is a team which focuses on interactive app design to help individuals navigate through busy schedules, diet, budgeting and etc.

We (matched by the magical “The Nine Pillars of Successful Web Teams”, and the even more magical proximity of seats :O) come from very diverse background and different interests — some excellent coders from the CSE depatment, some designers majoring in Cognitive Science HCI specialization, and even more passionate individuals from engineer and Cog Sci majors who are curious in how design change and help with people’s lives :) JamInk is a concise name though reflecting everyone in the group: J — Jimmy, Jacob; a/ upsidedown v — Allan, Vivian; m — Mudit; N — Nathanyel; K — Karla, Kristi. (And Ink reminds you of Inc.! How wonderful is that!)

Design Logo

It was fun to design and discuss logos for our group as well as future app. Here are some presentations from our group :)

Choosing the logos:

We all were able to present our team logo ideas and gave constructive feedback on how we can improve them all. It was a nice experience to see all the different approaches the our fellow team mates took when designing these logos some followed a clean simple approach while others took a detailed and colorful layout of it. Overall we thought that all of the logos had something that we liked, choosing a final one will be quite an experience!

Written by: Hanwen and Jimmy