Pressing the Big Red Button

(or how EZ isn’t always easy)

Brainstorming is easy. Coming to a final decision is hard. Over the course of the week, we had a lot of great ideas for apps that could be of significant benefit to our target audience — the more experienced individuals in our society (read: the elderly). We wanted to create something that would make their lives using technology easier, not any more complicated.

We eventually settled on the idea of an assistant/accessibility app that helps them control other apps, set reminders, and have easy-to-access information all presented in an intuitive way that tailors to the older generations’ needs.

Not necessarily our final logo. (Designed by Melissa Guanzon)

Enter EZ Mode.

Or… EZ Life? … We’re still ironing out the details.

Also not necessarily our final logo. (Designed by Yifei (Rena) Zhu)

We accidentally decided on an app idea before determining our group name and our logo, so that was the driving factor in our team brand. Our name had to fit the idea of an assistant/accessibility app, so it needed to be something simple and easy to read. “EZ” quickly became a focal point and everything ended up revolving around those two letters. EZ Mode simply made sense. It described what our app provided to our target audience.

The logo has had a little more debate than the team name. Obviously we want something iconic that stands out. It was an easy decision to include the letters EZ in both versions of the logo (large and icon). However, we also wanted to include something symbolic of what our product provides. We threw around ideas such as a cane, glasses, and a leaf to symbolize life. Check the bottom of this post for a few more examples of our logo ideas!

This week has involved a lot of exploring and discovering what everybody agrees with. From team name to logo to product concept, we’ve managed to work together and have always incorporated multiple peoples’ suggestions into our final* decision. (*As final as a decision can be.) We’ve found that this method of individual brainstorming, discussing, and then group brainstorming seems to be most effective. We are able to pull from all of our collective strengths and backgrounds to create something even better.

And that’s what we’ll continue to do moving forward.