The Calm Before the Shark Tank…

by Andrew Downs

T-Minus 1 week until the Shark Tank Showdown for Cogs 187a, and Team Git Rekt is ramping up! Week 4 gave us a lot to think about, and even more to work on: Commercial videos, final prototype, live application, elevator pitch, and building our final presentation. Despite the title saying otherwise, this week has been quite hectic, so let’s dive into the details!

Commercial Videos

Behind every great company is a greater marketing campaign, which is why we have focused a lot of effort into producing our commercials. Before we could get to ‘Lights! Camera! Action!’ there was work to be done on what to film and what to focus on. Two commercials means two ideas, which means we will be able to showcase two features of Cook Nook!

We started this process by story-boarding. The first idea was brought up by Lauren Choy to show off Cook Nook’s superb social components. We wanted to illustrate that sharing recipes and connecting with others was not only easy, but also practical and fun! The next idea came from Andrew Downs, but was later refined by Christopher Wong, demonstrating the unique, one-of-a-kind, functionality of Cook Nook’s customizable ingredient search.

We focused on these ideas because we decided that they were the most descriptive of the “Cook Nook Experience”. After the ideas had been fleshed out, we had to focus on the biggest issue of all…The when and where. After much debate and thought, we narrowed it down to burrowing Ikea’s kitchen space, or using a team member’s kitchen, we went with the team member's kitchen. After all the planning the only thing left was the execution. You can find the finished products here and here (make sure to use a email).

Final and Live Prototype

Final Prototype Splash Page

Last week we talked about our beta prototype. Using Adobe Xd, we stitched together a wireframe/hi-fi prototype that simulated actual use. This week, however, we here at Team Git Rekt have gone far and beyond our expectations. We were expected to simply have a hi-fi prototype that was showy and showed limited functionality. But not only do we have an in-depth prototype that displays multiple paths of functionality as well as a slick and clean design, we also are developing a working live model of our website.

Live Splash Page

The process that led to this stage was tedious but thanks to all the developers and designers on the team the live prototype has a similar consistency in design to the final prototype. This was a major issue throughout the entire development of Cook Nook. With a project team of 3–4 designers, creation of similar looking mock ups can be difficult to do. Different software, opinions, and creative liberties can cause separate iterations of final products. But, alas, Team Git Rekt was rekking git, rather than gitting rekt.

Final Presentation and Pitch

The final deliverable that needed to be completed was the presentation, and that meant writing out an elevator pitch. After reading a few articles, googling half a dozen websites, and watching about an hour’s worth of video examples, we came up with a system:

  1. Tell the audience who you are.
  2. Tell them what you do.
  3. Supply a need/problem or paint a picture.
  4. Introduce your product.
  5. Explain how your product solves the problem.
  6. Explain why no other product can do what you do.
  7. Do this all in about 60 secs.

There you have it, the 7 rules for selling a product. The difference between a failed business and a start-up is a measly 60 seconds. That means you need to either have superb content, or be able to sell ice to a polar bear. Lucky enough for us, we have both. Look forward to next week’s Shark Tank!