Welcome to Cohese!

Along with having pushed live with Cohese’s public beta, we’re also launching our Medium publication today, and you’re looking at it. Welcome! 👏

We’ll look to cross-post from our Headway-powered changelog where appropriate (thanks guys! 🙌), along with writing the occasional piece of insight 💡 as we go along the journey and acquire it.

This may be related to Cohese functionality, startup life, product development, design, or anything else we think may be able to help you be better.

Thanks for being on board for the ride!

Cohese is on a mission to add superpowers 🚀 to the humble URL 🔗. Use it to add functionality, flexibility and control to any URL you share, whether you own it or not. It’s free, built on 🔐 privacy-first principles, and we’re always interested in receiving feedback at team@cohese.co — so please do! 😄