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2 min readNov 6, 2021


Coin Hunt World is ever-expanding! We’re happy to announce that vaults in the United Kingdom will begin dropping a cryptocurrency called Veriblock (VBK). You can learn more about VBK at https://veriblock.org/ — and I would highly encourage you to do so!

The Veriblock event!

From November 8 to November 15 (UTC), hunters in the UK will start noticing a couple of things:

1. Blue vaults will drop VBK!

Each blue vault you solve will have a chance to drop up to $0.10 USD worth of VBK (at the time of writing, this would amount to 17 VBK per blue vault). Note that BTC and ETH will continue dropping from blue vaults as well.

2. Veriblock Vaults will appear!

Special Veriblock vaults will appear on the map. When you find these vaults, they take a green key and will ask you a question about Veriblock. Get the question right and you will receive up to $2 USD worth of VBK (330 VBK at the time of writing)!

Not only that, but each Veriblock Vault will also have a chance to drop the unique Veriblock Cubie Blueprint!

This Cubie BP will only drop in the special Veriblock vaults during Veriblock events, so get it while it lasts!

Successful hunters will prepare for this event and study up on Veriblock knowledge so they can answer VBK trivia with ease. You can always go check out https://veriblock.org/ and learn what makes Veriblock unique.

And, one more thing…

Blockchain Gaming Podcast: Veriblock edition!

On Saturday Nov 6 @ 9pm EST, the newest episode of ITGUY’s Blockchain Gaming podcast will drop. This episode will feature Justin Fisher (CEO) & Maxwell Sanchez (CTO) of Veriblock — so tuning in will most definitely give you a head start in learning about this unique crypto team!

You can tune into this podcast on Spotify here:

Hunters, let’s stack some VBK!

And as always, Happy Hunting!

Please note: This is a regional event. VBK and the Veriblock BP will not drop for hunters in the USA or Canada.