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Heya Hunters!

Randomizer Blueprints

Today we are launching a brand new type of blueprint called a randomizer blueprint. These blueprints are 1 print only (just like the OG cubie), but the unique part about them is that the output is randomized. The first randomizer blueprint introduced into the game…….. The CAT Cubie Blueprint!

Cat Cubies!

Tiger Lily Cat Cubie

Once the shop opens later today.. everybody will be able to purchase a cat cubie BP for 2x green keys each. You will be able to buy as many as you like, but the total supply is limited to 100K. Once they are gone, they are gone forever and no more Cat Cubie BPs will get added to the game… ever. So if you like cats, you should grab some of these Blueprints :)

Patches Cat Cubie

Once you have a handful of these Cat BPs, head over to your nearest printshop and start printing cats! Since this is a randomizer BP you do not know what type of cat you will get until it finishes printing. There are 9 different types of cats available. All of them are classified as common cubies, but some cat variants will appear much less frequently than others. So if you want to have all 9 types, you probably need to either buy a whole bunch of blueprints or use the Auction House to obtain the ones you are missing.

Jett Cat Cubie

Since this is an entirely new mechanic, we are unsure of what will happen, but what we are sure of: hunters seem to really like cats! So let’s just go with the flow and let’s see where CATMANIA 2021 takes us…

Happy Hunting!



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