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Changes to System vaults

Why are we making these changes?

This article was edited at 18:40 PST on June 7, 2022 to address confusion.

When we removed keybooths, our goal was to create a system that rewarded you for improving your health through walking and to also raise the number of keys each player could receive in a day. We weren’t happy with the dominance of cars in our game — it’s bad for the environment, and it’s bad for our players’ health.

In short, you should be rewarded in keys directly for the amount of physical effort you put into the game.

After the change, we realised the per hour earn rate of players far exceeded our goal. While we could see the earn rate had radically changed on the first day, we wanted to gather several weeks of data before making any changes. We studied how the earn rate had increased and whether it was in line with our goals for the game. The changes we settled on are surgical. We intend for the player earn rate to be lower than it is currently, but still higher than before the removal of keybooths.

As always, we’ll be keeping an eye on the changes and make adjustments based on the feedback from our players and the data we collect. We already have ideas on how to reduce the impact to newer countries that are still building up their User Vaults.

Reduced rewards from system vaults

Starting today, system vaults will have reduced crypto rewards when solving them. User vaults are unchanged. Here are the new rewards:

new reward table

Changes to Green and Yellow vault respawn timers

Green vaults will now respawn every 48 hours, while yellow vaults will respawn every 2 weeks.

Changes to how events work

During events, white and blue vaults will no longer reward players with crypto along with the valuable blueprints, NFTs and resources at the same time. While an event is live, all white and blue vaults will drop event items instead of crypto. Once the event is over, all white and blue vaults will drop crypto rewards again (with a chance of also dropping a non-event resource box).

Higher-tier vaults will continue to drop crypto along with a chance at event resources for now. Resource stacks which drop from higher-tier vaults are the same amounts as those found in white & blue tier resource drops. Please note that higher-tier vault drop mechanics may be changed in a future update.

The first event that will have this new system will be Canada Day starting on July 1st. During the 48 hours of the event all blue vaults in Canada will drop guaranteed Canada Day resources, but no crypto. Since this event is exclusive to Canada, other regions are unaffected.

Focus on the mission!

These changes will allow us to focus on the mission: Create a free to play game where players can stack sats while building out a fun geolocation-based metaverse, learn new things, and get rewarded for physical activity!

Happy Hunting!




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