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Christmas 2021 Event!

Jingle Bells, Jingle Bells, jingle all the way!

Opening vaults, solving trivia…..Coin Hunt World is here to stay!

We reached the final event of this year hunters — it’s Christmas time!

Candy Canes!

The first thing you will notice during the event is that regular vaults and UVs will start dropping Candy Canes. But that is not the only way to get your hands on Candy Canes: mystery boxes will also have a chance to drop them! These are needed to complete the Christmas Quest chain — more about that deeper into this article!

The 4 Christmas Cubies!

How to get these Cubies?

There are three ways to obtain them: easy, medium and hard difficulty!

The easiest way to get your hand on these new cubies is to just hunt when you feel like it and not even attempt to do the Christmas Quests! Instead, collect as many Candy Canes as you can from vaults and mystery boxes and, at the end of each day, put them up for sale in the Auction House. This will earn you a nice stack of keys which you can then use to bid on the Christmas Cubies in the auction house. Chill Mode :)

If you want to go a little harder, then you need to go out hunting with a specific goal in mind: find as many Christmas Trees as you can. The best way to do so is to check local hunter communities (use the list in the #community-server-links channel on the official CHW Discord server) and the fan-created CoinHuntMap to find out where Christmas Trees are being built by other hunters.

Why? Because the blueprints for this event can only drop from Christmas Trees! The more Christmas Trees you find, the better your chances of getting your hands on the new BPs. Furthermore, sell all the Candy Canes you get in the auction house for extra keys, and use those to bid on the resources you need to print all the Christmas Cubies.

The hard way is to finish the entire Christmas Quest chain yourself, build 3 Christmas Trees, collect all the resources, and print all the new cubies. This will not only yield the most leaderboard points but will also give all your local hunters extra trees to hit, making you the hero of the town, increasing the chances for all the hunters in your area to get the new BPs! However, this requires a ton of Candy Canes so you will need to be grinding hard to get to the end of the quest chain!

Christmas Trees are where you will find the blueprints and the resources!

The Christmas Quest Chain!

Introducing… Quests!

This is an entirely new mechanic in Coin Hunt World! Since this is the first time we are doing this, it’s a little repetitive — but in future events, more unique quest blocks will be added over time.

For this event there are 10 quest blocks that need to be unlocked to get to the end. Along the way you will get rewarded with Christmas Tree Construction Blueprints. Some quest blocks require a key to unlock, other require a certain amount of Candy Canes and some require you to equip a specific cubie in order to advance the quest chain.

Introducing… Construction Blueprints!

These allow you to turn one of your UVs into a common, rare or epic Christmas Tree.

Simple: get within 10 meters of the UV you want to turn into a Christmas tree, go to your inventory, long press on the Construction Blueprint. Now long press on the [BUILD HERE] button and BOOM!

Once turned into a Christmas tree, your UV behaves just like before, except now it will give all players that use it a chance to drop Christmas resources and blueprints!

Please note: your UV needs to be visible to turn it into a tree. You can’ t deploy a tree on a UV that is on cooldown for you!

The common Christmas Tree BP allows you to turn one of your UVs into a common Christmas Tree. This tree can drop both the Santa and the Elf Cubie BPs
The rare Christmas Tree BP allows you to turn one of your UVs into a rare Christmas Tree. This tree can drop the Rudolph Cubie BP
The epic Christmas Tree BP allows you to turn one of your UVs into a epic Christmas Tree. This tree can drop the Gingerbread Cubie BP

Once the event is over all Christmas tree UV’s will return back to their normal state.

the big one, tickle him to open it

For the hardcore hunters who manage to finish the entire quest chain: there is a big reward at the end. In addition to the big reward, there is an additional surprise for the first 10 hunters that manage to complete the Christmas Event Quest chain!

Pick your strategy!

So as you can see, there is a hunting strategy for everybody during the event, so pick your style and enjoy the Holidays!

Happy Hunting!



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