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Coin Hunt World v0.8.6

This is the list of features implemented in Coin Hunt v0.8.6

New Developments:
Yellow Vaults have been added to the game. How they work is explained here.

We improved our map data significantly. This was a major overhaul from the previous data so please help us out finding anomalies etc. Come talk to us on Discord, feedback wanted!

Vaults and keybooths now respawn at fixed times. (noon UTC and midnight UTC for blue vaults, noon UTC for green vaults and Keybooths, monday’s noon UTC for yellow vaults)

Trivia UI update

The Photobox twitter message now automatically includes your referral code.

Blue vaults have a reduced chance of dropping keys and resin

Blue Uservaults (UV’s) have an increased chance of dropping keys and resin

A lot of bug-fixes and improvements

Happy hunting!



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