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Coin Hunt World v0.9.3

Hello hunters, we have a new build out and here are the new features that come with it!

  • Your total Ethereum is still displayed as eth in your inventory
  • Players on your friends list now have a “Last Online” indicator
  • Long press on a Blueprint in your inventory now shows extra information about the rarity and print restrictions
  • Tiered resource boxes. Higher tier vaults now drop resource boxes that have much more paint in them:
The higher tier resource box you get, the more paint inside

Happy Hour

When you see the happy hour indicator on your screen, hunting will yield extra paint!

Mystery Box

The 24hr/green key in your HQ has been replaced with something a little more dynamic & fun: every 8 hours a mystery box is available for you to open in your HQ.

Every 8 hours you will get a mystery box. But they do not stack so grab it when you see one!

New Shop Drop : The Pirate Captain Cubie!

Only 500 pirate captain cubie blueprints will ever exist, so grab it while it’s hot!

Tons of bug fixes and improvements

As usual we love receiving feedback on these new features so keep it coming :)

Happy Hunting!



Explore your city. Train your mind and body. Earn rewards! Coin Hunt World is a mobile geolocation game in which players earn rewards while exploring the world, exercising and learning!

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