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Coin Hunt World v1.0.13 Patch Notes

Heya, Hunters! A new build is out for Coin Hunt World. Let’s take a closer look at the changes!

New HQ upgrade path

New players will now be required to upgrade their Headquarters (HQ) to unlock different functions. There are currently 4 upgrade levels.

Placing down a level 1 HQ is now free — just tap on the green house icon on the left side of your screen to build your HQ at your current location.
(make sure this is a location you are frequently visiting, such as your home or your work. Nobody can see your HQ besides yourself.)

Once you have placed down your level 1 HQ, you can begin the upgrade process.

tap the cogwheel upper right to start the upgrade process

Tapping the cogwheel in the upper right corner will open up the upgrade quest chain.

the HQ upgrade quest chain

Now you will see a series of tasks that have to be completed. Once completed your HQ will be upgraded. Here is what each upgrade requires:

and here is what each level unlocks:

Note: leaderboard points are not awarded for HQ upgrades.

For hunters that were already playing CHW before this build, your HQ has been automatically upgraded to the level you had before the update. So, in summary, nothing changes for you. For example, if you had unlocked Auction House Buying before, but not Auction House Selling, this will remain the same.

In addition, if you delete your HQ to rebuild it elsewhere, you will keep your previous upgrades.

This change allows us to make the HQ free to build, so everybody instantly will have access to their daily mystery boxes. It also implements an onramp — this way beginners do not get overwhelmed with advanced features early on in their hunting career.

New Auction House filters

You can now filter between the different kinds of Blueprints in the Auction House: Cubie BPs, Construction BPs and NFT BPs.

New Vault Cooldown Mechanic

Before, once you solved a vault, it disappeared. This made it harder to navigate so, from now on, when you solve a vault, it stays on the map in a deactivated state.

this vault is on cooldown until the next reset

Spanish Localization!

The entire game and some of the trivia categories have been translated to Spanish! The El Salvador hunters will finally be able to enjoy the game in their own language. Since this is our first localization, we would love to hear your feedback! Join the Spanish Discord server here to let us know how it’s working out for you.

The White Cubie!

Hunters in El Salvador will start to see white paint dropping from vaults. This is an ingredient needed to print the new White Cubie! The White Cubie Blueprint drops from vaults (medium chance).

If you are hunting in El Salvador, I highly recommend that you start printing and selling White Cubies in the Auction House (AH), because hunters all over the world will want to get their hands on one, and only you can print them!

Tons of bug fixes and improvements

This build includes a heap of fixes and improvements. Some of them are experimental, so if the game is not acting like it should, please give us feedback on the main Discord support channels or via the in-game bug reporting tool. Thanks!

Happy Hunting!




Explore your city. Train your mind and body. Earn rewards! Coin Hunt World is a mobile geolocation game in which players earn rewards while exploring the world, exercising and learning!

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