December Adventure Road!

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2 min readDec 1, 2022


Attention Hunters!

Our very first Adventure Road is finished! Congratulations to all the hunters who made their way up the road, conquered many daily challenges, and opened many many reward boxes!

A special thanks to all the hunters who provided us with valuable feedback on how to make this feature even better. Based on this feedback, today we are starting the December Adventure Road with several improvements:

For All Hunters

  • Randomizer cubies will not get picked for “Print [random] cubie” quests
  • Single-use cubies will not get picked for “Print [random] cubie” quests
  • 9 different quest types are active and more will be added over time
  • “Print a Blue Cubie” quest removed from the pool of possible quests

For Hunters with Adventure Pass

  • Completing Walking Quests will reward you with 10 extra Adventure Road points — that’s up to 80 extra points per day!

New Road, New Rewards!

The Next road trip begins!

Every new road comes with new rewards, so the December Adventure Road includes 50+ rewards, including a brand-new cubie display case, HQ Skin, and Achievement Cubie: the Sagittarius Cubie!

For the brave hunters who can finish the December Road!

Let us know in Discord how you like these changes! Feedback always welcome.

Happy Hunting!

Illusionweaver 🎄

For more info on the game, check the Coin Hunt World Wiki which features a start guide, tutorials, cubie overviews, blueprint requirements, price tracking for all items, all yellow vault locations, trivia with answers, player pages and so much more!