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December Leaderboard Winners!

The battle for the leaderboards

He finally did it! Lionlocks won the December leaderboard race! After several top 5 finishes he supercharged himself with the Christmas Spirit and became an unstoppable force in the December leaderboards. Blocboi, who took second place, made sure to give Lionlocks a hard-earned victory.

Congratulations Lionlocks, the Apex Predator of December!

We also saw some new blood in the top 5 with Canadian powerhunter Tyronebiggums, Christmas event expert LittlePenguiy and trivia chief Rubix!

Country Winners

Top Hunter USA = BlocBoi

Top Hunter Canada = LionLocks

Top Hunter UK = Coindemon

Top Hunter El Salvador = Mylordsv

How did you do in December?

Check out the full Global & Country leaderboards on our website:

Good luck in the battle for January, Hunters!




Discover hidden treasure. Find keys, unlock vaults, earn cryptocurrencies.

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