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Dynamic Trivia System

Attention, Hunters: the training wheels are coming off!

“A proper hunt should have an element of danger.”

Our intention has always been, and will always be, to make the best skill-based, free-to-play, play-to-earn game, which:

  • educates on crypto
  • promotes fitness
  • allows you to own territory in a game world that is anchored in the real world
  • fosters fun & making friends
  • encourages teamwork to build a cool place where effort gets rewarded with crypto

So, when one of these core pillars is weak, we will improve.

The skill-based portion of this game (trivia) was easy to cheese, so today we are improving it.

Starting today: Dynamic Trivia System

The idea is simple: the better you are at trivia, the more crypto and leaderboard points you will receive.

Once you select a category, a 25 second timer starts ticking (so far, nothing new). The faster you lock in your answer, the bigger your rewards will be. So in order to consistently lay down perfect hunts, you will need to be skilled at trivia and speedreading.

How does it work?

There are 3 “zones” where you can lock in your answer:

PERFECT! = this is the first zone, lasts 3 seconds
GREAT =this is the second zone, lasts 7 seconds
GOOD = this is the third zone, lasts 15 seconds

Depending on which zone you lock in your answer, the amount of crypto and leaderboard points gets adjusted:

PERFECT!= 100% crypto and leaderboard points.
GREAT= 60% crypto and leaderboard points.
GOOD = 40% crypto and leaderboard points.


We have some great and wild ideas for the yellow and red tier structures that we want you to start building on the map. The current trivia system is too easy. Is a red vault really that hard if I can just Google the answer? This prevents us from being able to have really nice rewards on the loot tables for these next level yellow and red user structures.

TL;DR: this change allows us to do very cool stuff in the future.

But I suck at trivia, help!

We hear you, and we get it: everybody wants to “stack sats”.

In fact, we believe everybody should be “stacking sats” — that’s why we made this game!

The number one thing to understand: this is not just a game, it’s a digital community connected to the physical world in a fun and engaging way. Nobody has ever done this before, so don’t get upset if the ride gets a little bumpy! :)

We have a strong vision of where we want to land with this rocket ship. Let’s not forget to enjoy the ride while we do our best to get there! We have tons of cool content planned for the future, and we are just getting started.

“Great hunters can adapt to ever-evolving hunting grounds.”

But there is more!

This new version also brings some new features that many of you have been asking for a long time:

New trivia!

This is the first batch of new trivia that comes from our very own, in-house trivia team! We are super excited to release some fresh meat into your hunting grounds! This is the first of many batches that are queued up for release.

Auto map rotation!

This new toggle in the settings menu makes the map turn when you turn, handy when cycling, for example! This is one of the most requested features, right up there with dark mode (which is coming soon)!

Destroy your HQ from afar!

We have all been there: you skip town for a week and forgot to blow up your HQ at home. You’d be missing out on exciting Auction House action and those free mystery boxes every 8 hours, not to mention potential buddy quests!

Well, now you can detonate your HQ from afar! It will cost 1 green key, so only use it in emergencies. You didn’t expect remote dynamite to be free, did you?

And, as always, a bunch of small improvements & bug fixes.

Next stop: elemental invasion!

Happy Hunting!




Discover hidden treasure. Find keys, unlock vaults, earn cryptocurrencies.

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