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El Salvador Launch!

Attention Hunters!

After a successful Beta test in El Salvador, we are now ready to launch the full game there! That’s right, Coin Hunt World is rolling out fully in El Salvador!

What is Coin Hunt World?

Coin Hunt World is a free to play mobile game (Android), where you can earn Bitcoin and Ethereum by interacting with different objects placed on a game map that is anchored to the real world. It is a geo-location game so in order to move your character around the gameworld you need to physically move with your phone in the real world… just like Pokemon Go!

While exploring your local parks, commercial centers and tourist attractions, you will notice a variety of different objects on the game map. What you will find most are white vaults, which require white keys to open. Once you open up a white vault with a white key, you have to pick one of three Trivia categories. Pick your favorite and answer a random Trivia question. Lock in the correct answer and you will earn some Bitcoin or Ethereum!

Congratulations, you are now a hunter!

Higher tier vaults reward more cryptos!

The amount of crypto rewards you will receive from solving vaults depends on the tier of vault you opened (in USD):

The Launch event!

From March 12 to March 19 UTC, there will be special activities inside the game to celebrate the launch. One thing you will notice is a floating vault in the sky.

Collect El Salvador resources

During the event, all vaults have a chance to drop a special resource box that contains the blueprint and the resources required to print the unique Bitcoin Beach Cubie!

Bitcoin Beach Cubie Blueprint

Cubies are the avatars in Coin Hunt World. Players from all over the world love collecting them. The only place to obtain the Bitcoin Beach Cubie blueprint is in El Salvador. So getting the blueprint, collecting the required resources and selling the cubies to all the other players on the Auction House is a powerful strategy for El Salvador Hunters to get a head start in the game!

Build your own Vaults (User Vaults, UVs)

Another pro strategy is to quickly start constructing your own vaults, called User Vaults (UVs). If you work together with a couple other local hunters, you can turn your favorite park or mall into a dense hotspot full of vaults to hunt!

How do I get my earned crypto out of the game?

We are currently working with crypto exchange ORCAEX to enable exports. Once it’s ready, Hunters in El Salvador will be able to link up CHW with ORCAEX and then every Tuesday everything they have earned in the game will automatically be exported to their ORCAEX wallet. We will talk more about this feature once we get closer to releasing it.

Advanced Tips & Strategies

Once you mastered the basic concepts of the game, it’s time to dig a little deeper! Here are some tips & tricks:

  • Join the Spanish Discord! If you have questions, just ask in the Spanish Discord chat and veteran hunters will be happy to assist you.
  • Build your Head Quarters (HQ)to receive three Mystery Boxes daily!
  • Once you pick up a key, the keybooth changes into a keyforge
  • A keyforge can be used to turn 10 keys into 1 key of a tier higher!
  • An easy way to earn green keys is to do Buddy Quests
  • You can learn more about doing Buddy Quests on the Discord!
  • Level up your HQ to gain access to the auction house
  • During events unique blueprints and NFTs will drop for players. Make sure to participate when events are happening!
  • Store up your resources to build your User Vaults and future structures to come!
  • Top players will earn monthly key rewards! This includes rewards for the local leaderboards and global leaderboards!
  • You need to find Print Shops to print your cubies, such as the Bitcoin Beach Cubie! Make sure you have all the resources you need.
  • Sign up friends and family! This game is fun alone, but even more fun with friends! And you will both get extra bonuses if you use the referral system!

Happy Hunting!



Explore your city. Train your mind and body. Earn rewards! Coin Hunt World is a mobile geolocation game in which players earn rewards while exploring the world, exercising and learning!

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