Fresh batch of Green User Vaults!

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2 min readFeb 14


Attention Hunters! Last month we introduced new system that allows hunters to take control over green vaults and their surrounding territory. See details here on Introducing Green User Vaults.

We have been testing and looking at the data and everything is looking good so this week we will be able to make the next batch of green UVs available for purchase with crystal keys!

Green vault claiming contest!

To make things more interesting, we decided to run a little country vs country competition with this batch! But have no fear, if you claimed a Green vault in the first batch, you will also receive rewards!

Here is how it is going to go down:

On Thursday February 16 at noon UTC, we will add an extra 100 claimable green vaults to each country’s limits. That means that countries where all 100 from the first batch got claimed now get an additional 100 to claim. In countries where not all green vaults got claimed, they get whatever is left from the first batch + 100 additional.

Everybody who claims a green vault, no matter if it was in batch 1 or batch 2, will receive a special new common cubie BP (builder class).

Everybody who claims a green vault in the country that reaches 200 claimed vaults first, no matter if it was in batch 1 or batch 2, will receive a special new rare cubie BP (builder class).

These new cubie BPs will get sent out to players by the end of March.

For future batches, every hunter that claims a green vault will receive the new common cubie BP, no matter what country they are claiming vaults in.

Don’t forget to purchase your crystal keys ahead of time so you’re ready to claim your green vaults!

Happy Building!


For more info on the game, check the Coin Hunt World Wiki which features a start guide, tutorials, cubie overviews, blueprint requirements, price tracking for all items, all yellow vault locations, trivia with answers, player pages and so much more!

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