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Halloween Event incoming!

Heya Hunters! Exactly one year ago, we launched our very first event: Halloween 2020. The game has changed so much since then that I barely recognize it — it got better…sooo much better!

And we’ve got more hunters….sooo many more hunters! Needless to say that I am beyond excited to unveil a little bit of our second-ever Halloween event which will start to roll out to all regions this weekend, and will run from October 30th to November 6th! (UTC)

The return of the scary Cubies!

Each recurring event, the common and rare cubies will make a re-appearance. The epic cubie won’t return, but instead, a new epic will be unleashed. In fact, for this event we are adding not one, but two new epic cubies! So that’s a total of 5 Halloween themed cubie blueprints that can be collected during this event. Let’s take a closer look:

Three returning cubies and two new epics!

Who will be first to print these new epics?

As usual, the first player to print any of these two new epic cubies will not only receive double the leaderboard points, but will also become insta-famous amongst their fellow hunters!

A new mechanic: Cauldrons!

Be on the lookout for Cauldrons!

When hunting during the Halloween event, cauldrons will have a chance to spawn when you solve a vault. You will be notified when it happens with a message, and a sonar will appear that guides you to the cauldron’s location!

The exact details of how they spawn and what they do is for you to figure out! But finding them will be worthwhile — I can assure you! :)

Red Boosted Vaults!

During the event, in cities that have an operational yellow vault, a random vault somewhere in the city will get boosted to red tier, containing up to $100 worth of Bitcoin or Ethereum.

As soon as the first player finds AND solves the boosted vault, a three (3) hour countdown begins. For that time, the boosted vault remains at the boosted tier (red). Then, every 3 hours, the boosted vault will drop one tier until it is back to its normal state.

If no players find the boosted vault within 48 hours, it will quietly return to its regular state.

Oh wait, there is more!

The Halloween Event will also feature the feared Purple Vault containing no less than $1000 worth of Bitcoin or Ethereum. If you are brave enough to risk a purple key, you can open it, after which you will have 60 seconds to answer a Coin Hunt World-related trivia question. Only hunters who have truly mastered this game can undertake this risky hunt. Who will be the 4th hunter ever to open a Purple vault? We will find out this week!

only brave hunters should attempt to solve the Purple!

Where is this purple vault?

Well, it’s up to the community to find it! Want a hint? It’s somewhere in Canada where the views are magnificent!

Good luck & Happy “HallowHunting”!



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