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Halloween Vault Contest

Hello Vault Hunters!

Today we announce our latest event feature ready to be tested: Event Vaults!

On Saturday October 24, 2020 players will see a floating Halloween vault in the sky. This vault will show a countdown to Halloween.

On Halloween, the vault will unlock and every player can click to interact with it. Once the vault is unlocked, you need to enter one green key to participate in the Halloween event!

Don’t have a green key? No problem we will gift every player 2 green keys on October 29!

When 100 players enter a green key, the Halloween vault will open and rewards will be distributed to participating players! Spread the word and convince your friends and family to play along! If we do not get 100 players to participate by Nov 5th the vault will not open and will disappear until next year. (don’t worry: players who participated will get their green key back in this case)

What is inside the vault?

Once the vault is opened, every player that inserted a green key will receive a Halloween Vault box!

Be fast!

Only the first 100 players that enter a green key will receive this special Halloween Vault box. As soon as it unlocks enter your key to claim your prize!

Once again, we want to thank all our testers to participate in this test event. We are eager to listen to your feedback on our Discord server.

Happy Hunting!



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