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Hawaii event 2022!

Attention Hunters, the Hawaii event is around the corner!

The next big Coin Hunt World event is starting very soon! Time to slip on some sandals, get yourself a beach cocktail and get in the Hawaii Spirit! Let’s take a closer look…

This event will run for 9 days, from May 4th to May 13th, UTC

Hula Cubie Blueprint returns!

After a year-long hiatus, the beloved Hula Cubie Blueprint will drop again. This blueprint has a common drop rate from all vaults during the event and should be easy to get for everyone!

The Hula Cubie’s mesmerizing hip shakes in action!

Surf Cubie Blueprint returns!

This Cubie loves to surf! The higher the waves, the bigger it’s smile! This blueprint has a rare drop rate from all vaults during the event.

This Cubie love to surf the big Hawaii waves!

Hawaii Quest Chain

This event will feature a new quest chain. The more blocks you unlock, the more rewards you will receive. There are a wide variety of rewards given out at different stages of the quest chain, from NFT’s, to Cubie Blueprints, to Epic Resources! Let’s take closer look…

Hawaii 2022 NFT!

For the first time ever, every single hunter that unlocks the first quest block in the Hawaii 2022 Quest Chain will receive a limited edition NFT! So, even if you can’t play much during this event, make sure to initiate the Quest Chain to at least claim this NFT!

Don’t forget to claim the limited edition Hawaii 2022 NFT!

Three new Cubie Blueprints this year!

For this year’s Hawaii event, we are introducing three brand new Cubie Blueprints: The Tiki Warrior Cubie randomizer Blueprint, the Sneaky Seal Cubie Blueprint & the Epic Turtle Cubie Blueprint!

Tiki warriors!

The easiest blueprint to get this event will be a Tiki Warrior BP. This BP will be obtained via the Hawaii Quest chain and will be fairly easy to obtain. This is a randomizer BP. This means that they are single use (consumed on use) and upon printing you will randomly receive one of 27 possible Tiki Warrior Cubies!

Only one Tiki Warrior BP can be obtained in the Hawaii Quest Chain per hunter — however, once enough hunters are wearing a Tiki Warrior Cubie on the leaderboards, the tribe chief will be satisfied and will open the shop for more Tiki Warrior BPs to be purchased! (Reminder: as a common, there will only ever be 100,000 Tiki Warrior BPs max!)

Tiki Warrior Cubie Kelepona is one of the fiercest warriors of the tribe!

Sneaky Seal Cubie Blueprint

A little harder to obtain, but still doable for most hunters is the new Sneaky Seal Cubie BP. This is a rare BP and will drop from a reward in the Hawaii Quest chain!

The Sneaky Seal chilling after a successful hunt!

Sea Turtle Cubie

The hardest cubie to obtain this event will be the epic Sea Turtle Cubie! This one will require an epic effort from the hunters and will drop as a reward at the end of the Hawaii Quest Chain!

The Epic Sea Turtle Cubie BP!

The Big Tickler

Every hunter that finished the Hawaii Quest Chain will be able to tickle the big tickler! This big friendly reward chest loves tickling and contains a pile of cool rewards:

  • 5 random epic quality resource boxes
  • 1 HQ Skin BP
  • 1 Unique Behind the Scenes NFT #3 (only for the first 5 finishers in each country)

Let’s take a closer look:

Five random resource drops of Epic Quality

Each player that opens the Big Tickler will receive five epic quality resource boxes. You can use these resources to print epic Cubies, or sell them on the Auction house for lots of keys!

The Hawaii HQ Skin!

Every hunter that finishes the Hawaii Quest Chain will also receive a unique Hawaii skin for their headquarters (HQ)!

The Hawaii HQ Skin BP

Coin Hunt World Behind the scenes NFT #3!

For the brave hunters that have been preparing for this event and are ready to go hard: the first 5 hunters in each country that finish the quest chain will receive one of 25 Behind the Scenes NFT’s! These NFT’s feature various behind the scenes artwork pieces, and is signed by the Coin Hunt World Development team!

But wait….there is more!

The infamous Purple vault returns!

Do you dare to take on the purple vault?

The pinnacle of vault hunting, the purple vault is back! During the event, the purple vault will appear somewhere on one of the Hawaii Islands!

Inside is nothing less than $1000 worth of cryptocurrency and enough leaderboard points to catapult you to the top of the leaderboards so fast you will get a whiplash!

But hunters beware, solving this vault is no easy feat! All the purple vault questions are CHW related, so it takes a very seasoned & passionate hunter to crack this bad boy open!

As you can tell, there is plenty for everybody to aim for during this event! So, let’s put our best walking shoes on and channel our inner Tiki warrior to slay this event!

Happy Hunting!




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