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How to play the game CoinHunt and earn free BTC & ETH

Coinhunt is a geo-location based free to play mobile game. It’s basically similar to Pokémon Go but instead of searching your neighborhoods for Pokémon you look for Vaults. If you can open these vaults you get rewarded with small amounts of Bitcoin or Ethereum.

Currently Coinhunt is in closed beta so you need to jump through a couple of hoops to get inside. Here is a guide on how to access the game today:

Step 1 : Join the CoinHunt Discord server

In the CoinHunt discord server you can chat with the devs and other players

This step is optional but since the game is in closed beta the devs really appreciate your feedback. Also you can give suggestions for cool spots to place vaults etc, so I would recommend joining.

Step 2: Fill in the beta application form

If you join the discord server you will be be given this link automatically but if you skipped step 1 you can find the form here.

Once you filled out the form you should receive an email with the next instructions in roughly 24 hours.

Step 3: Turn on beta access in Google Play & download app

Once you hit the become a tester button, you should be able to download the closed beta app from the google app-store here.

Step 4: Launch the app

Once launched you can immediately start playing. Since this is a geo-location game the map will be different depending on your geographical location. Areas with higher urban densities will have more vaults then in the middle of nowhere. Local tourist hotpots will always be your best bet to find plenty of vaults to raid.

Step 5: Find keys

The first thing you need once you are in the game are keys. Keys are needed to open vaults. Keys are plentiful and if you rotate your camera around you should find some in your immediate area. Just walk up to the boxes with spinning keys on-top of them and tap it to grab the key. Keys re spawn in each location every 24 hours.

Step 6: Find a vault

Vaults are a little harder to find but there are still plenty of them. They look like floating cubes with keyholes on each side. They have a column of light coming from the top so you can spot them from a distance. Tap on them to open.

Step 7 : Open the vault

Now be warned: once you open up a vault you have 30 seconds to answer a question. These can be random trivia questions but they could also be questions about the location you found the vault at. But don’t worry: if you get the answer wrong you can keep trying as long as you have keys left.

Step 8: grab the rewards!

Get the question right and prize boxes will drop from the ceiling! Tap them to collect the rewards inside. Sometimes you get Bitcoin (BTC), sometimes you get Ethereum (ETH).

That is all there is to it, happy hunting!


As of this writing, the closed beta is restricted to Android and only available to players inside the states of Washington and California. iOS closed beta and more states are opening up in October.



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