Introducing Green User Vaults!

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3 min readJan 25


First we created a world with random vaults so you could go on a hunt…

Then we created leaderboards so you could compete with other hunters…

Then we created tools so you could add your own vaults to the world…

Then we created a wide variety of fun and engaging events…

Today we are starting the biggest chapter of the ever-evolving Cubieverse!

From the start we wanted to create a game where the players have a very large influence on the game map. This year you will see many major additions to this vision. We’re starting with claiming ownership of important structures like green vaults!

2023 = The year of building!

The development focus for this year is building the Cubieverse! To kick things off, today we are introducing the first step of this roadmap: Green User Vaults (UVs).

Starting Friday hunters will be able to take ownership of their favorite green vaults and its surrounding land. As this metaverse gets built out, land control will increasingly become an important factor to the subset of players that enjoy creating and building. Let’s take a closer look:

Why would you claim a green vault?

  • Taking ownership of any important node in the Cubieverse will generate rewards over time.
  • 5% of all keys inserted into the green vault (including wrong answers) will come back to the owner (5% key kickback).
  • As more hunters use your green vault , more keys will come back to you.
  • Green vaults have been and will continue to have an important function in the game. Any hunter that participated in special events such as Doge Day, Pat Morita NFT event and the recent WorldCup 2022 event can attest to this.
  • In the coming months, green vaults will get additional features to make them even more attractive to hunters!

Green User Vaults improvements coming soon

  • February = double leaderboard points from green UVs (both for the hunter solving it and the owner).
  • Q2 2023 = Upgrade system : upgrade your green UVs for extra functionality.
  • Q3 2023 = Random fun quests will be able to spawn for hunters when they solve your green UVs.
  • Q3 2023 = Hunters will be able to place additional green UVs in areas that are lacking green vaults.

How to claim a green vault?

At this stage, hunters can only claim already existing green vaults. In order to claim one, simply solve a green vault. Once solved, you will see an additional button on the last page that will allow you to claim it. Claiming a green vault will cost 1,000 crystal keys.

How many green vaults can I claim?

You can claim as many green vaults as you want but there are a couple of limitations:

  • Each blue tier zone will start with a batch of 100 claimable green vaults. Once the max is reached, no additional green vaults can be claimed until we release the second batch of 100.
  • New batches will be released over time.

For example, a maximum of 100 green vaults will be claimable in the USA in our first batch. So get out there quickly and claim your local green vaults!

Let’s start building out the Cubieverse together!

I am very excited to start the Building phase of Coin Hunt world, and I am eagerly looking forward to see hunters claim and upgrade their favorite green vaults! We are just getting started. If you are reading this, I consider you to be a pioneer in the Cubieverse. Let’s build a vibrant metaverse that is actually fun to visit together!

Happy Building!


For more info on the game, check the Coin Hunt World Wiki which features a start guide, tutorials, cubie overviews, blueprint requirements, price tracking for all items, all yellow vault locations, trivia with answers, player pages and so much more!