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Introducing: Hawaii Volcano Quest!

New to Coin Hunt World: Monuments!

Monuments are permanent, one of a kind structures in Coin Hunt World. They will get constructed on top of real world unique locations. When visiting Monuments, you will be able to partake in unique quests that will reward you with an Epic Cubie Blueprint that can only be obtained from completing this quest!

The first monument has been added to Coin Hunt World: The Tiki Chief’s Volcano in Honolulu, Hawaii and will be active this week! (stay tuned for the exact time of activation)

The Volcano Ritual

Close to Waikiki beach in Hawaii, there is a dormant volcano called Koko Crater. There is a loooooooong staircase that you can use to climb all the way to the top.

Climb all the way to the top of the Volcano to find the Tiki Chief

Once you reach the top, and catch your breath since this is a serious climb, you will find the Tiki Chief standing at the rim of the crater, overlooking the dormant volcano. He will task you to gather a tribe of Tiki Warriors so he can start the ritual.

The chief is waiting for you at the top

Starting the Ritual

The only way to start the ritual is to climb the volcano with a group of 9 hunters in total. Once the group has arrived at the Chief, each player must equip one of the 9 Tiki Warriors of a particular tribe. Therefore, combined, the 9 players must present a full tribe to the Chief. No players can have the same tiki warrior equipped.

You can tell the tribes apart by the loincloth they are wearing, so make sure they all match up!

Once the Chief sees a full tribe of players standing in front of him, he will start the ritual.

Once a full tribe is assembled, the ritual will commence!

Once the ritual starts, a video will start playing. Make sure to have your audio turned on so you can fully enjoy this cubie adventure mini movie! :)

After the video is completed, the Chief will give all 9 players reward boxes containing the Epic Tiki Chief Blueprint and epic resources, including Koa Wood. Koa wood is an epic resource required to print this cubie. Finishing the quest will give you enough Koa wood to print one Tiki Chief Cubie.

Getting more Koa Wood

Once you have completed the Quest, you can never complete it again. But! Now you can go visit the chief once a week and he will give you more Koa wood!

Future Monuments

The plan is to keep adding more and more monuments over time all across planet Earth on really unique and interesting locations. These monuments will all be permanent additions to the cubieverse, so there is no rush! Maybe some time in the future you will be visiting Hawaii & when you are there, you might want to climb a volcano and claim a ‘very hard to get’ epic blueprint!

I’m looking forward seeing hunters organize and tackle this first "CHW multiplayer quest." let’s see who manages to complete the quest first!





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